Needle in a haystack

We’ve known for ages and ages that we wanted to have a place/life in rural France. For us, France is nicer/bigger/quieter/more beautiful than Britain. Britain is lovely obvs, don’t want to be disloyal and all, but IMHO, France is even lovelier. Nothing to do with all that wine or anything.

So once we made up our minds to make it actually properly happen for real, our first dilemma was ‘where do we even start to look’. France is BIG, people. Continue reading “Needle in a haystack”

Welcome to ‘Life in Limousin’

We are Sophie and Graham, two ordinary Brits about to embark upon a renovation of a small Corrèze stone farmhouse and not-so-small barn in as eco-friendly/low-carbon a way as possible, on a petite budget. In the gorgeous, yet largely undiscovered, Limousin department of Corrèze – a land of deep, quiet woods, winding lanes, fields of friendly russet cattle, traditional farming villages and breathtaking views.

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