Spring forward. New project.

Wow it’s been a very long time since my last post. Sorry about that. I must do better. It’s high time to get back to France and revive the blog. I have news and updates if you’re interested…

Gorges de la Dordogne
Sleepy river village, Gorges de la Dordogne, Corrèze

A lot has happened since my last post. Here’s a summary!

Last summer…

  • We decided we really love France. A lot.
  • We made a big life-business plan.
  • We agreed to find a property we could restore quickly to ‘Gîte out’ whilst also simultaneously running our UK events. (Yes, we are a little impetuous/unhinged. Possibly tipsy at the time).
  • We found a nice cottage. Not perfect but it has character, plumbing, power – and direct access to the River Dordogne.
  • Lots to do, but nothing too major. It is even on the village mains drains and sewerage system. No fosse septique needed. Huge benefit.
  • Took possession Christmas 2018 and almost froze to death.
  • Fitted a new loo (mistakenly plumbed in to the hot water tank. Lol).
  • Went home and ran some events.

Til now.

We’re coming back for three weeks of renovations and DIY in order to turn a cold, drab cottage into a blissful bijou riverside Gîte de vacances.

The rear garden. I have no really decent photos yet!

First job, connect the loo to the cold water supply…!

A bientôt, dear readers. More soon, I promise. Have a good week.

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