Woodsmoke, champignons and apricot skies

…and mahousive pumpkins!

Allow me to share a photo of what are probably the biggest pumpkins you’ve ever seen! But I will try not to ‘squash’ your enthusiasm for this earthy Autumnal missive!

Fiery skies over Forêt de Faye

It’s been very warm and dry here. We can still see the brown patch of grass from our summer camp. There has been almost no rain in the region for months. Livestock farmers are already dipping in to their winter feedstock as the grass hasn’t been growing. Yet we’ve seen awful flooding elsewhere in France (Aude) and elsewhere.

The temperatures are perfect now and it is great to camp in the dry, day after day. Early mornings are getting nippy though and the dog is being used as a hot water bottle, albeit a fidgety one. We tried to have him sleep in the car but a bout of vomiting one night, and diarrhoea another, (he planned it!!) ensured his place in the bed for the remainder of the stay. His ailments seemed to clear up once he was allowed back in the grown-up’s bed (a relief to all!).

Dill the dog/hot-water-bottle/general fidget

Hubby has gone all-out with barn clearing and we now feel ‘more organised’. Not that we are doing anything with the building for a while yet.

Decades of hay, dust and old timber in the barn needed clearing.
Are we allowed a bonfire? Ah well, seems like we’re having one!!
Old barn planks have their uses…

Otherwise, this visit has been mainly about doing the day job from the Bureau de Caravan, a few trips out, meeting up with some fellow renovators down the road in Corrèze and discovering our local Emmaeus second-hand warehouse – a revelation and great source of all-things-household at low, low prices. Basically it’s like a massive Vide Grenier but all the money goes to a charity to help the homeless.

You do need sharp elbows though…!

Emmaeus charity warehouse, Brive-la-Gaillarde

Meanwhile, I found a little time to discover the forest tracks that run pretty much right from our property – they’ll be for the chasse – but until someone shoots at me, I’m going to exercise my general ‘right to roam’ and walk the dog along these beautiful forest trails.

I have no idea which champignons are edible. Anyway, these ones are pretty.

The view of the hamlet from the forest trails above

Now we head for home, tired from three weeks of stressy work, not enough rest, slightly too much wine and sharing the caravan bed with the dog. But sad to leave the place that feels more like home each time we come back.

Breaking down the camp. But we still have toast.

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