A big storm, le football and some pootling about

Nearly two weeks into our French summer and we have done well with local exploring and settling in to ‘summer camp’ mode, but not so good with ‘clearing out’ mode! Still, this is our holiday so we’re not feeling too guilty. Nevertheless official holiday mode and the ‘out of office’ messages expire on Monday, so it’s back to working and renovating in equal measure after this (Bastille Day) weekend.

We had a humdinger of a storm last week, which saw us literally hanging onto our camp fixings for dear life for around an hour, whilst winds of 100kmh and torrential rain howled through the area. It took a week for the electricity to return to our little community – luckily, people round here all have back-up generators which kept them going (and I hope, the cows milked).

We began to get excited about a France v. England World Cup final until Croatia beat us – that night saw rather too much rosé being consumed!

And we visit a few Plus Beaux Villages, vide-greniers (’empty attic’) sales and local swimming holes to cool off.

A few pictorial highlights for your perusal…

View from the chateau, Turenne, Corrèze
The chateau gardens, Turenne – worth the steep climb up through the ancient town.
Spectacular view from Turenne chateau over southern Corrèze countryside
Lac de Barrouse
Cooling off in local Lac de Barriouse
Le jardin
The storm kindly left a few trees to sit under!

Next post: Bastille Day, vide-greniers, night markets and hopefully some visitors planned! (Compost toilet No.2 needed – pun intended).

Entre-temps, allez les bleus!

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