Summer, and finally we’re back

We left the Corrèze hills in driving snow three long months ago, and return in temperatures of 30+ degrees!

It’s so good to be back in Corrèze after three months of busy work and summer events in the UK. Having only ever camped out here in Winter (who does that?!), it feels like an entirely different place in summer.

Summer camping

We’ve set up our summer camp in the garden – very different to Winter camp mode. This time, we are glamping it up with our all-new tree shower (hosepipe hanging from the branches and mostly private, thanks to two old shower curtains husband oddly had lying around. He is ingenious.

So we’re all set. Not much renovation work will happen this visit, just some relaxing, exploring the region and more clearing out and dumping rubbish down at the déchèterie (where you can also have a rummage through other people’s discarded items – we found some old Ardoise slates, for example).

I’ve even set up my long-dreamt-of French rustic dining table in the garden under the trees…

Some very old mystery plant bulbs found in the barn and planted last visit have amazingly come up as actual flowers (chrysanthemums, I think).

Plus, we’ve found cherries, black currants, peaches and apples all growing and fruiting.

French summer dining
Rustic dining

Now, it’s all hot sunshine, crickets chirping in the grass and croaking frogs in our neighbour’s pond – a very different experience to our usual Winter situation.

View south-east over the Monedieres

Basically, we’re just camping out in our own garden, having a nice time and not renovating at all!

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