Rain. Woodworm. Work.

That basically sums up this trip! Honestly, could it rain any more? Can rain just continue for ever? Still, we did manage to achieve some things despite the grey, damp days…

Corrèze has had more than its fair share of the wet stuff this Winter, we hear. And it’s not stopping just because we’re here. No Sir-ree Bob!

Nevertheless, we set up camp last weekend (still can’t put up the awning without a hitch or some tetchiness!). Stocked up on the essentials (wine, cheese, bread mostly) and set-to, as far as the ghastly weather allowed.

Who needs a floor anyway?

So as we approach the end of this particular French ‘sojourn’, we have some modest gains: we’ve ripped up a lot more rotten floor, de-termite’d a lot of old wooden furniture we got with the house, cleared around the fruit trees, met with yet more contractors to discuss (but not yet resolve) renovations, and… [*struggles to think of other things*] …some other stuff. And managed to meet up with a good pal and have a good lunch and chat. Oh yeah, lots of work-work too, on the computer. Bouygues 4G is pretty good in these here hills.

Woodworms, be gone!

We still need to acquaint ourselves with the déchèterie (local municipal waste place), take the garden fence down, and de-termite the attic timbers.

As usual, we’ve drunk wine a little too often, slept badly and haven’t been leaping out of bed at 7am much. But we’ve done OK considering the awful weather and our cramped condions. Have I mentioned how much it’s rained? Well, it really has. Still raining now. And it is forecast to continue until we leave, when the sun will come out and temps rise to a balmy 15 degrees. When we’re NOT HERE.

One thing we brought with us this time, which has been a massively awesome gorgeous thing, was an old fan heater we had saved for years for some such occasion as this. And boy, are we glad we did. Fanny, for that is her name (just as Ernie is the name of the hot water urn), is a little warm-aired gem of a machine. Reliable, compact and above all, warm. She is our new machine BFF.

Our new BFF.

I do love it here but this trip’s been a toughie. Plus my hair looks really, really AWFUL…!


This is Ernie. He is awesome too.

2 thoughts on “Rain. Woodworm. Work.

  1. Oh I know! Hasn’t it been wet recently. The family have been out staying with us this week. When they visited last Easter it was 30 degrees and we lived outdoors all week. OK, Easter was three weeks later last year but it’s hard to imagine we’ll be back to that in only 3 weeks. Still they’re happy as they left behind snow and sub zeros while we’ve managed to somehow miss all the snow the rest of France seem to have experienced. The important thing is being with those you love and working hard towards your dream. Chin up- it will get better!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks folks. Corrèze weather is very changeable; I could envisage 30deg fairly soon actually! Here’s hoping! Happy Easter to you, despite the bad weather!


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