Snow stops everything here too?


Soooooo…this is photo of PNR Millevaches taken yesterday, which is not too far away from our place. Very pretty, no? But there will be renovation repercussions, I am sure.See, we’d planned for the water to connect at our little place today with SUEZ (I know, lols!), ready for our next reno trip later this month. Our immobilier warned us that SUEZ probably won’t come out because of the snow. So our plumber won’t be able to connect a stand-by pipe and we won’t be able to have running water at the property and neither will we be able to use the shiny new hot water urn we purchased specially, for washing and the like. Bummer!

Still, SUEZ might just carry on regardless, let’s see! Otherwise, it’ll be another wintery sojourn spent lugging water back from the spring at Surdoux! So ‘Manon de Sources’, darlings. Loved the book. The water-lugging, not so much.

And we were told that the man from SPANC (I know, even more lols!) now won’t be coming out for the scoping of the fosse septique because the regulations have just this second changed. So, this is how it’s gonna be, eh?

Meanwhile, here’s a cute piccy of our dog and some snowflakes, just because!

One day, this will be just another not-very-exciting story to recount when people ask “Was it a lot of work to do up the place?”

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