Pets and vets

Going to and fro between France et UK requires a little planning if you have a dog. (Other pets are available. But it’s usually a dog). So if you do indeed have a dog – as we do – and you’re a bit fuzzy on the vet check thing in France, then you need to time your dog’s Pet Passport vet check carefully with your return journey to the UK.So assuming your dog is vaccinated against rabies and has a valid pet passport, the procedure at the moment (Jan 2018) means that your dog needs to have its official vet check and tick treatment in France between five days and 24-hours before you travel to the UK. So it makes sense to book the vet appointment once you know when you’ll be going to the UK.

It’s simpler than it used to be. All the French vets we’ve used for this service have all been up-to-speed with the requirements. If you just mention the pet passport when booking the appointment, that usually does the trick, even if your French is a little shaky as mine is. I get my translation app to work out the questions I need in French before I phone the vets!The darling doglet.

The main problem for us is getting our little darling doglet to take his pill at the vets. Banana, cheese or some sausage usually does the trick. But this time, I forgot all of these and the darling doglet unsurprisingly played up which seemed to annoy the vet somewhat. He gave up struggling with the snarling bag of fur that doglet had turned into, and said “Oh you just give the pill to the little darling” or something along those lines…! Of course we did administer the pill ourselves but not without liberal amounts of sausage.

So with the animal fees that ferry/Eurotunnel companies (around £16 each way) and the vets charge (€37), you’re looking at around €70 per trip, per pet. So it does add up.

But how would we manage without our darling doglet getting under our feet and demanding attention when we’re trying to renovate the house…!

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