Destruction construction!

We’d cleared the house out and swept up the worst of it by Christmas Eve. Massive milestone for us – the place was immensely cluttered and filthy from decades of total neglect.As a reward, we took Christmas Day off – a much-needed break. We took the dog for a proper long walk, made a curry and drank far too much wine! Consequently, we had to take Boxing Day off too!

We rallied the next day. Graham fixed up the old Rosières wood-fueled stove, although it might not be the most practical option. It is cute, but needs feeding with tiny sticks very often. It’s purple and oh-so vintage. I think it stays! (Photo soon. Forgot to take one).

Then we knocked a few walls down, as you do. This was easier than it sounds as they were only partition walls made from hollow terracotta bricks and some plaster. This made a big mess but we now have some hardcore rubble for future something-or-other.

This (above) is the poky kitchen before demolition started.

And this is the kitchen opened up into what will be an open-plan kitchen-eating-sitting room. The massive fireplace is now fully on magnificently grubby display and not cut off on one side. It’s all still mucky as heck but getting rid of those walls has made a massive difference.

I am beginning to picture how pretty it’s going to be one day. You, however, might struggle with this vision for a while longer. Understandably!

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