Christmas camping. And cheese

So, we are still here. Clearing out the old place. Sooooo much old stuff. Most salvageable, some not.

EDF turned up trumps. We basically love them. They have given us the gift of power and light from an old caravan.

Meanwhile, we have cleared out the old place. Attic and all. One hundred and fifty years of dust and detritus . So much stuff and most, very interesting.

Dill the dog has howled along to ‘We wish you a merry Christmas’. We have consumed our own body weight in cheese and wine. No problem there.

Our first Limousin Christmas has been wonderful. Sunny, frosty and bright.

Our neighbours seem lovely and we have our first neighbour-date this Friday, to checkout a bar only open on Friday mornings to sell saucisson and cider.

This place makes us very happy. Merry Christmas everyone.

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