Photo by John Price on Unsplash

Christmas camp-out in Corrèze

Only five-and-a-half more sleeps til First Limousin Christmas! (The ‘half’ refers to the night we ferry over to Dieppe and undoubtedly get almost no sleep!).

We are still on track to sign the Acte de Vente next week. The caravan has been cleaned up, the gas bottle checked and even an electrician booked to wire in some basic sockets at the property. Providing EDF turn up. So we will in theory have the power of electricity on site – totes awesome! I could even pack my hairdryer but that might be tempting fate.

Gifts with hand-written notes in best (well, Google-translated) French have been made up for our new neighbours down the track. And industrial supplies of mince pies will need to be procured for friends and contacts we may see over the holidays.

Maybe even some tinsel and fairy lights might find their way into the caravan…

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