Acte de Vente – a great Christmas present!

At last, we have a date for our Acte de Vente! Tuesday 19 December 2017. So, save any untoward events, we will become the new owners of a run-down little farmhouse in Limousin before Crimbo. It hardly seems real after over six months of bureaucratic back-and-forth.

So, of course we decide to spend Christmas 2017 at the property, camping out in our caravan. With no connected water, power or a loo. Yikes.

Not to be thwarted by these trivial practicalities, the ferry’s booked, the car’s having a service and there’s a new compost loo in our garage ready for re-assembly on site in the old potting shed. I think this particular new purchase deserves its own post, so watch out for that soon, if that is your thing!

As for actually living in a caravan in rural Limousin over Christmas, our thoughts turned to how we are going to keep warm when we are not grafting. Could we possibly get some power connected fairly quickly? Did you know that EDF (Electricité de France) has an EDF English-speaking customer service phone line? Helpfully, they do. So Graham called them and, despite it being 4pm on a Friday afternoon, his request to set up a new account at the property was arranged easily over the phone. EDF are due to come out to the property to fit a new electricity meter before Christmas. So we’ll let you know how it all goes.

Of course, finding an electrician to fit some connecting sockets before Christmas is another matter…!



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