Welcome to ‘Life in Limousin’

We are Sophie and Graham, two ordinary Brits about to embark upon a renovation of a small Corrèze stone farmhouse and not-so-small barn in as eco-friendly/low-carbon a way as possible, on a petite budget. In the gorgeous, yet largely undiscovered, Limousin department of Corrèze – a land of deep, quiet woods, winding lanes, fields of friendly russet cattle, traditional farming villages and breathtaking views.

But hold on to your chapeaux, because we haven’t even signed the final Acte de Vente (purchase completion) yet! I know, crazy us! This long-awaited purchase (and dream) should happen just before Christmas 2017, when we will leap into action, zoom down the péage-free A20, sign things, hand over money and make a start on clearing the old place ready for the start of the renovation.

Our blog will document the key happenings, eco-techy stuff and general details of this exciting renovation, because a) it will be of interest if you’re doing similar projects in France, and b) to take some (or all) of the mystery out of creating a cosy, beautiful – and eco-friendly – French country home. With limited time and budget, and when you don’t even speak the language very well.

We’ll be detailing the details! The challenges, the highs and lows, the plans, the budget, the quotes, the costs, the dirt, the bureaucracy, the solutions – and undoubtedly, our mistakes. In short, the good, bad and downright ugly of it all. No (granite) stone will remain unturned!

And there’ll be a fair bit about good Limousin food, markets, hikes, trails and swim spots, gorgeous villages and chateaux, and good Limousin living which is, after all, the reason why we want to live here, one day.

We look forward to sharing our Limousin experiences and hearing your tips and hacks for (eco) renovating in France. We are going to need all the help we can get!


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